Monday, August 21, 2017

Recovery from Hiking Knee, Ankle & Foot Sprains

Hiking is great way to enjoy the outdoors and nature and get a good cardiovascular workout along the way! But, did you know that knee and ankle injuries are especially common among hikers? Ankle and knee sprains occur from stepping awkwardly over irregular terrain or uneven surfaces. These sprains are painful, debilitating and are a prime target for regenerative injections to hasten healing and repair which otherwise can take 8-12 weeks and longer. Something else to be cautious about is that hiking, especially with a backpack, can spur or exacerbate hip arthritis and make walking painful-so be careful and don’t go overboard!

And of course wrist, shoulder, and elbow sprains from “trips-and-falls” onto outstretched limbs require can be a problem if you aren’t careful! Enjoy your time on the mountainside trails and know that regenerative orthopedic injections of stem cells and platelet rich plasma are very helpful for quick recovery as they amplify the natural healing process and restore normal strength, function and eliminate pain.

Drive the Body’s Power, Return to ‘Body Strong’

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